losing focus


the WBC, my *other* favorite wackos, have officially lost it. first they were protesting at funerals of gay soldiers who died in combat in iraq. now they’re just protesting at any soldier’s memorial, gay or not. there’s a big problem with this. first, as any marketing guru will tell you, small is the new big. you have to have a laser-tight focus. expanding their protests to non-gay stuff shows the wbc is losing focus. it is a sign of weakening, which may according to sources, be due to the weakening state of fred phelps himself, who is supposedly sick – like deathly ill. second, by taking on heterosexual targets, the wbc will now move into the limelight. it was easy for them to get away with protesting gay stuff because for the most part they could fly under the radar. they were just those crazy freaks bothering the other crazy freaks. but now that they’re protesting at the memorial of heterosexual heroes, they’ve attracted media attention. they probably think this is a good thing, but it’s not. (well not for them, but certainly for us) because they’ll go from an anti-gay fringe group to a totally crazy anti american fringe group. and tacit support for their activities will decrease quickly. it won’t be long before the wbc and other radically anti-gay groups become the new decade’s neo-nazis – universally hated but protected by the ACLU.


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