ng securities guard unit


in snow crash, neal stephenson dreamt up the ng securities semi-autonomous guard unit. it was a cybernetically enhanced dog rat thing that was somehow nuclear powered and had these titanium cooling fins that air would have to pass over in order to cool the dog rat. of course in order to make air pass over the fins the dog rat had to keep moving, creating an endless cycle of heat creation and dispersion. of course the faster the dog rat ran, the hotter it would get, the faster it would need to keep going in order to stay cool. basically the thing was always hot and always trying to figure exactly how fast it could go and still manage to cool down.

when i’m at kickboxing, i feel kinda like the rat dog now. i’ve lost a lot of fat this summer – that hard to get at fat that’s hidden deeper in your muscles. and it seems the more fat i lose, the more i sweat, the more i get hot when i work out. when i hit the pads during drills, i get fuckin soaked. today i was getting so hot and sweaty, i was steaming, and it wasn’t even cold in the gym. it seems so weird to me that the better shape i’m in, the more i sweat. shouldn’t it be the opposite? or am i stuck in a loop the like engineered rat dog guard unit, destined to heat up more with every fitness improvement i make?


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  1. I dont know if you saw this on the news, but they said that dogs think a lot like humans and that i think is pretty cool 😛

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