coffee heaven and hell


so i admit it, i don’t know if i’ve told you all about ritual roasters before, but the cat is out the bag. this place makes the best coffee and espresso in SF. period. and you know what? they don’t even charge you anymore than usual to do it. it just takes a little extra time to get your drink, that’s all. it’s worth it for all the love they put into it. god it’s good.

but here’s the problem, it’s SOO good that now almost anything else i drink tastes like shit. it’s not the coffee i buy at cafes- in fact i only get espresso from a select few cafes anymore because i’m tired of drinking shit, and when a double macchiatto costs 2.25 everywhere, why pay for a crappy one? the problem is really the coffee i’m making at home. this morning i actually dumped out half my latte because i just couldn’t bear the taste.

if you’re a regular reader you know my caffeine related (mis)adventures at home – i’ve been through 3 grinders and and an espresso machine (which i loving resurrected a number of times before it finally went kaput). now i have no grinder (i refuse to buy a fourth one) and a very finicky espresso machine. i haven’t made a good shot of espresso at home in ages. so i’m looking to replace this machine… again. and move into prepackaged espresso pods. so i’ve been looking at pod machines.

So i’ve looked at all those cute little automatic one shot coffee maker machines like the senseo and nespresso and all the various machines that use the PODs and k-cups that those two standardized. they’re small and cheap and all, but the only problem is the coffee they make. they make coffee, not espresso, and the coffee they do make doesn’t seem to be up to my snuff. so i’ve been looking for a machine that takes ESE pods. ESE pods are single serving shots in of espresso in the same convenient pod style. the only problem is ESE isn’t compatible with POD or k-cup machines. pretty much it’s only compatible with espresso makers.

so i’ve been looking into espresso machines that take ESE pods. actually i’ve been looking at a few that *only* take ESE pods. fuck grinding my own beans. i’m sick of that shit. it only leads to pain an suffering- buying the right grinder, getting the grind just right, having to re-adjust the grind every time you buy new beans. there’s enough things to learn and worry about in this world without having to deal with such a minute thing just to get a good shot of espresso.

bodum granos

so check out the bodum granos. is this not some hot shite? of course it’s friggin $500 (well $400 on sale now). so out of my price range, but it’s exactly what i want – a hot espresso machine that’s made for ESE pods with push button operation. great coffee, no thinking. i also found the smarty, but i don’t think it’s really what i need. the alessi coban looks good like the granos, and is also made just for ESE pods but it doesn’t come in a 110 volt version for the US and it’s not quite as automatic.

i’ll keep looking for more and report back. if you know of any machines that fit the bill, i’m open to suggestions. however PLEASE do not even think for a second that 1. i will buy a starbucks “barista,” nor will you talk me into grinding my own beans and buying a rancillo silvia.

update: although they don’t look as jetsons riffic i found 2 additional machines around 375 that both come highly rated for ESE pods and for their quality – the la pavoni espresso si and solis sl-70. in addition, coffee geek is raving about their initial experience with the bodum – especially with pods.


One Response to “coffee heaven and hell”

  1. 1 johnny

    Dude: you need the harsh reality check of living in OHIO and drinking convenience store coffee to suitably lower your expectations!

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