fighting bible thumpers with spaghetti


flying spaghetti monster

so unlike atlanta, which has reversed their decision on teaching “intelligent design” (aka non christian-specific creationism) and removed warnings about evolutionary theories from their text books, kansas is still on the warpath to destroy science. they want to teach intelligent design in their classrooms and put evolution on the sidelines. there are probably other states / school districts where this is happening too.

one of the problems with evolution or any theory of how we got here, is that no one was there to watch it happen, it’s not observable. so scientist will say evolution is the best theory we have based on current data (genomes, observed evolution among insects, etc), but it is not conclusive. that gives the creationists space to say “well then fine, you HAVE to believe our concept is a valid theory as well.” which isn’t really true but some scientists haven’t come up with solid enough reasons to say no, or they’re too liberal and believe in free speed a little too strongly to say shut the hell up you idiot.

so some enterprising kansans have fought back against the kansas school board’s intelligent design plans by requesting that the curriculum also include the theory that the flying spaghetti monster created the world. since there’s no empirical proof that some christian god didn’t create the world, there can be no empirical proof that it wasn’t the flying spaghetti monster. it’s a genius way to expose the weakness of the argument.

now the flying spaghetti monster has a posse. a rather hip posse, of course, who are spreading his lore and his image. this could be my most favorite internet meme ever. way better than that all your base are belong to us shit.

the best part? the evangelicals are up in arms about evolution like they are up in arms about gays. what a surprise, i know. upon reading about the FSM, one even wrote into boing boing saying there’s this evangelical “doctor” who will give 250k – a cool quarter mil – to anyone who can empirically prove to him that evolution is for real. he hasn’t paid out the money yet, claiming many of our country’s top scientists have lost the argument. so what does boing boing do? they up the ante and take the evangelicals to task. they are offering 1 meeelyun dollars (said in my best doctor evil voice) to anyone who can empirically prove that jesus was not the son of the FSM. it’s brilliant, it’s equally undefeated.


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