i love love meta


maybe it’s because i went to college during those years when post modernism had reached its apex of educational popularity. maybe it’s just because i’m lazy and like it when other web-heads do my work for me. maybe it’s just because it makes otherwise dull things genuine interesting, but i love meta websites. sites that collect or comment on other sites.

it started with today’s papers, which i became addicted to back in the days of palmpilots and .com commuting. thanks to avant go, i had a summary of what the top 5 american papers said on their front page to read while going in to work. not only a summary of it, but a comparison of how each handled the stories. it’s news about the news. since then, slate has expanded the concept to international papers in a second column, but i just go to bbc for world news.

then i really got into metafilter. i tried plastic, the web community that formed out of the semi-demise of salon. but metafilter is a cooler community and reaches further into the weird. boing boing provides equally timely and weird links to around the web. i guess i actually got into boing boing first, but i’m not sure. i worked with those guys though, when i was at thefeature, so they made a big impact on me.

now, possibly thanks to metafilter or digg, i’ve discovered the confabulators. these guys are fucking great. they review other people’s reviews of music. their indy tastes overlap mine to some degree but they’re way more focused on that slow melodic postal service type sound. they worship at the altar of some guy called davendra barnhart, and yes, that’s a GUY.


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