this has gone too far


don’t get me wrong. i work out with guys on the sf police force, and i totally empathize with their situation. some asshole(s) pelt our officers, not dressed in riot gear, with rocks and they get tear gas shot at them. maybe even tackled, restrained, unfortunately beaten (most likely). sure, i totally understand that. if someone’s throwing rocks at me or my friends and makes one bleed, damn right there’s gonna be payback. i get that.

what i don’t get is the rise in instance of police abusing their authority to be aggressive in passive situations. this spring saw police officers tazing kids and grandmothers who in no way were physically threatening the officers, nor should they have been considered a threat. on saturday, police raided a legal rave / dance party / whatever in utah, that was legal and had all the appropriate paperwork and even security. now it comes out that a month ago, police pulled a similar unnecessary show of force at a critical mass ride in milwaukee. the coup de grace? tackling a dad pulling a baby trailer, and then kicking over the bay trailer — with the baby still in it!

i know there are cops out there who do good. but with an increase in the number of instances where police abuse their power, and that idea becoming increasingly acceptable as we give up our rights in the name of safety, the actions of the good cops are receiving less attention in the wake of these media disasters. it then is in the cops’ best interest to control their own for sake of their own reputation. witness fajita-gate.

on a slightly related note, at least to abuse of power. v for vendetta has been pushed back to a spring 2006 release instead of this holiday season. (1) the book features a bombing of the london tube system on many occasions (2) the book does not present authoritarian states and power abusing police / governments in a good light. what do you want to bet that despite the strength of the trailer, the final release gets gutted and the movie is a pansy wonder.


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