what a week for wackos


and it’s only half over folks!

first, pat robertson calls for the assassination of hugo chavez, the pro socialist, anti american leader of venezuela. the best part? when taken to task for the un-christian-ness of his statement, he says the associated press, who first ran the article on robertson’s statement, “misinterpreted” his words. unfortunately for robertson, his words were recorded live on video, and not even fox news lets him off the hook, pointing out that he clearly said “if he thinks we are trying to assassinate him, we should go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot easier than starting a war, and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop.”

then our favorite blond blowhole ann coulter goes off on one of her best rants ever. not only does she show off her fear-mongering and hate-speech skills, she has apparently joined the wackos in the phelps camp and decided that insulting all americans is a pretty good idea. only, at least she didn’t insult our soldiers. not instead she thanks them for fighting in iraq because if we fought the war on terror on american soil, say in new york, we’d lose because “residents would immediately surrender on the spot.” because no one in new york fights for anything they believe in right ann? hahahah. i can’t wait til some cabbies drops you off in spanish harlem or the bronx “by accident” on your next trip to the big apple.

to add a little predictability we return to the phelps clan, who now have sufficiently pissed off swedish royalty say the king looks like a homo and his kids look slutty and gay. the swedish king is a bit confused by their statements when surely he and his family are better looking than any phelps clan member, is gay the american word for “good looking?” in his confusion, king carl gustaf has his lawyer check into legal recourse against the phelpses in case their words are as insulting as they sound. the phelpses will retaliate by protesting against the king in sweden of labor day. w00t! this is the phelpses first protest off american soil. i’m hoping (a) they receive a beat-down and find they can’t sue since laws are different in sweden (b) they aren’t allowed back in the country or (c) something bad happens other than a or b, but does not threaten the lives of innocent people sharing the same physical space as them.

and to round out the wacko rundown (4 wackos in 3 days, amazing!!), congressman john hostettler thinks divorce is as dangerous as gay marriage when it comes to the sanctity of the institution. oh yes! our forefathers roll over in their graves as people who run our country make papist claims. outstanding. i don’t think comments like that need any dissection, so i leave you to it yourself.


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