the quietest week in sf


the city is full of campers and rvs and cars all being packed full with weird gear, art projects, drugs and plenty of protection. this week everyone who thinks they’re more creative than they actually are (and a few who actually are that creative) packs up and moves to the desert for a 10 days of sex, drugs and dust. i love burning man, not because i like what it stands for, but because i like what it does. it gives me a week of peace. a week when no one is trying to be weirder than everyone else. one week of homogeny here is actually a bit refreshing, the way i imagine one week of weirdness must be like for people from other places. i’m so refreshed i can’t even concentrate on anything except for enjoying the remarkable weather.


2 Responses to “the quietest week in sf”

  1. and good riddance

  2. hahah. i know you went last year, too. i went one time when i first moved here… one time. i guess we all have to do it once.

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