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so google has introduced their own im service, and it works inside of ichat (well, all jabber friendly apps), so i can finally use ichat for aim and not have to run a second application to use a different im service. neato! and psp 2.0 update is finally available via network update on the psp […]

or not meta enough to post a link with actual commentary, i’ve started a delicious page for links that catch my eye. if you’re one of like five people (and you know who you are) i’ll still email you the stuff from this list i think you need to see. but this way all the […]

but scientists now believe they may be able to prevent aids infections with a modified version of e.coli. there are a number of approaches towards aids vaccines that seem to be yielding hopeful results. we are definitely on the verge of something. the search for a cure is less fruitful – it’s easier to prevent […]

what paul’s boutique was for the beastie boys, the cookbook will be for missy elliott. she has finally found the right sound. she’s ditched the a little too old school sound and predictable timbaland beats for a more varied, more infectious and more cutting edge sound. you’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard […]

yes, i know it’s really “she’s got the looks that kill,” but will you look at this guy? he was originally designed as part of a european design festival and was called “voodoo” back then. now he’s going to be a real life knife holder / knife set called “the ex.” best of all you […]

bob moog, father of the modern syntesizer, died last night. he was 71.

so unlike atlanta, which has reversed their decision on teaching “intelligent design” (aka non christian-specific creationism) and removed warnings about evolutionary theories from their text books, kansas is still on the warpath to destroy science. they want to teach intelligent design in their classrooms and put evolution on the sidelines. there are probably other states […]