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smash up derby plays live versions of mash ups. they sing, they play real instruments and they have tremendous stage energy. two fists way up! Advertisements

i am always on the lookout for doing something better with my personal blog. i don’t really have the technical know-how to run my own blog software and i don’t have a server to do it from (mostly because i can’t be bothered to learn to manage one of those either), so i’m kinda stuck […]

in addition to SF being the paris of the US, i realized i also like SF because people here tend to be healthy. i mean the fact that there’s hills everywhere and no parking mean everyone winds up walking places, and it’s a brisk sort of thing. not the flat saunter of the south or […]

i’m at webzine2005. there’s a big change happening on the web and no one is really talking about it. the web nerds aren’t nearly as nerdy as they used to be and they’re a whole lot better looking for the most part. now that the web is a part of everyone’s (well everyone above the […]

i thought this study would finally help map out the soda line (the line that divides people who say soda from those who say pop). instead it divides the country by other linguistic oddities. like people who say something other than “shotgun” when laying claim to the passenger seat of a car.

the commercials for roll bounce are part of a pitiful new trend in movie advertising. some movies are so bad not even the critics from st.louis can be fooled into giving them a tepid review that advertisers can then chop up with ellipses and turn into glowing approbation. so they’re forced to get celebrity spokesmodels […]

does you remember back in the 90’s when it was all about evian water? Now you can’t watch a tv show or movie without seeing a fiji bottle. i admit, i think fiji tastes alot cleaner than evian, but i was shocked at the nationwide scale of this sea-change (pun intended). when you travel about […]