doing something


i have been wracked all week. the fact that there was such an awful disaster in my own country, in a place i had just been to, and i couldn’t help was just killing me. watching the government bungle the situation and then seeing how some of the victims are treating everyone who actually managed to get them some help (as well as how they are treating each other) was just making me unbelievably frustrated and sad. john found the right word for it yesterday – weltschmerz.

i started today out frustrated that have no specialized skills that i could go to new orleans and offer. i don’t have any good geek skills. i have handyman skills. and i have no medical training. basically all i’d be good at is carrying things and digging ditches, and sadly there’s plenty of people stuck in new orleans who could help do that. at least carlo showed me i can offer my writing and web skills. then it hit me. rich and i had recently organized a charity auction to benefit the EFF. we auctioned off 3 phones and made almost a G for the fine men and women who protect us as citizens of the internet. why not have an even bigger, better auction and donate that money to people have the skills and the resources to actually do some good with it. so that’s exactly what we’re doing. actually doing something makes me feel a whole lot better.

if you want to help, and don’t have any skills to take down to the south, let me know if you think you can help with our auction.


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