the end has come


the rove spin machine has gone into overdrive. the bush administration is trying to do everything it can to make it seem like nothing is wrong on the gulf coast. like everyone is happy to be living in virtual concentration camps.

the federal government (specifically FEMA and the national guard) are preventing reporters from taking pictures of the dead bodies in Louisiana. They are trying to block survivors’ stories from coming out of the astro dome. fortunately they can’t control everyone, so the stories and the pictures are still getting out, but not to the drones watching CNN and MSNBC.

they are treating hurricane victims like prisoners. they aren’t allowed out of shelters after 11. they aren’t allowed to have a radio station inside the astrodome (even though the FCC approved the station) and they are being denied pretty much everything other than water and a place to sleep. i’m guessing it’s to keep control over the crowds so that they’re so battered, they worry more about surviving than complaining about how events unfolded.

i am sickened. please let something good come out of this tragedy. please let this be the end of any american’s respect for the bush administration. i hope this event brings the republican stronghold on america crumbling before the feet of all those whom they oppress and now hold hostage in their own country.


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