consumer therapy


i am not normally one to buy my way to happiness, but every once in a while i have to satisfy my gadget lust. and quite honestly with all the horrendous news coming out of the south right now, i could no longer resist. so i gave in. the first thing i did was get a new phone, of course. it’s not really new, and it will probably be outdated in 4 months (hint, hint) but i decided i could no longer resist the data-centric awesomeness of the t-mobile sidekick II. so jesse had an extra (an extra? god he’s as bad as me) that he sold me cheap and as of today i’m a t-mobile customer. (goodbye cingular and all your shitty ass “customer service” reps!).

nor could i resist the goddamn apple ipod nano. i am weak. apple makes music players that i must have… immediately! it actually makes me mad how compelling the players are. seriously. normally i can resist just about any new gadget (it doesn’t hurt that i’m not exactly rolling in dough), but i have the hardest time resisting ipods – welll small ipods. i haven’t gotten a new hard drive based ipod since i got my 30gig 3g ipod a while back. but i got a shuffle minutes after steve launched them. and i resisted a whopping 24 hrs before giving in to the nano.

so now jesse and i are twins, walking around with sidekicks and nanos and telling the non-digital residents of the US how superior we are. until there’s a disaster and no electricity, at which time, we lose.


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