i’m back


even though i wasn’t writing here, i was damn busy writing, i still AM damn busy writing. i’m not sure i’ll actually have a weekend off before the dread visit back to that state where i was raised. but i finally have everything under control (now that this damn auction is over) and boy am i ready to roll on the blogging. i’m staying in tonight dedicating myself to all the things i wish i had done this past week. the only thing i did on my list besides work related stuff was go to the gym alot and helped team burrito lockdown to finally step up into second place to win liquor instead of cuervo nation paraphernalia.

i got my nano this week (4 gig, black). there’s a problem, not with the nano but with how i’ve set up my itunes. you see, until now i’ve only had HUGE ipods that could hold my entire library or the shuffle, which could only hold 100 songs. i never used playlists because on the big ipod i would just pick whatever album i wanted to listen to and on the shuffle i always used a totally random autofill. i also never classified my music into genres because i did everything by album name. so without any playlist and without any genres, it’s hard to get the music i want onto my nano. so one of the things to do tonight is to classify all my music into a few genres and create smart playlists from those to fill the nano. it’s gonna take a while. a LONG while.

you all are sick of katrina news. i know. i am too. i listened to this week’s this american life and i was so dumbfounded i couldn’t sleep for hours. the way we’ve treated our own citizens just sickens me. listening to stories of people told they weren’t allowed to leave because the only exits were into richer, whiter counties makes me so sick. you’ve read all the stories yourself by now. i won’t reiterate them here. instead let me again say i hope this is a turning point for our country. i hope underprivileged people start caring about politics once they see it really does affect them. i hope the reputation of the current administration is permanently tarnished and no one comes away unscathed. you know it’s bad when W admits he was part of the problem. his press folks are struggling to help him come out of this alive.

it’s peanut butter jelly time. HUGE game post coming right after this. so much goodness i can’t wait


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