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i bought my psp too early. sure lumines is great, and i’ll get to watch movies on it on the plane ride back to cleveland, but there just aren’t that many fun, casual games yet. but it looks like that will change in the first half of next year.

so it turns out i was totally wrong before. katamari damacy is not coming to the PSP in time for my birthday, it turns out that’s the launch date for the american version of we love katamari, aka katamari 2. BUT yesterday it was confirmed that katamari is coming to the psp – june 1. early reports say my my katamari doesn’t feel quite as good because the controls are different. sadly, it uses the d-pad instead of the analog stick, which stumps me. it DOES use the shoulder buttons, which i was hopin it would.

In addition to katamari, a ton of cool original, puzzle games are coming to the PSP. Tokobot (aka karakuri) will actually be out this year. it’s kinda like pikmin, in that the main character has these little helper guys that he can use to accomplish tasks. it looks like it’ll keep me busy over the holidays until some more neat stuff comes out. no word on whether intelligent license will come out in the US this fall to keep me entertained when i get tired of tokobot.

ok, 2 games out of like 10 fall releases interest me. but next year there are some kick ass doozeys coming. first off, today everyone is talking about E3. not the game show, but the new game from tetsuya mizuguchi, the same guy who created lumines, meteos, and rez. e3 (which stands for every extend extra) is more of a shooter like rez was only combined with the combo style bonuses of lumines or older games like bubble bobble.

there’s also some other interesting looking puzzlers like Loco Roco, a game that solely uses the shoulder buttons to guide a character through a rotating puzzle. While you’re on that page, check out fukufuku no shima, a game where all you do is wander around an island. word is that animal crossing is coming to nintendo DS, and it sounds like sony is ready to that title on.

Exit looks like a more complex version of the classic “sokoban” style puzzles, but drawn in a jet set radio cell shaded style. i dunno. might be lame.

Metal Gear has seriously been the talk of the show. First, metal gear acid 2 for PSP comes with a special viewfinder accessory that you use to shoot enemies in some situations when the card game is temporarily suspended. it’s still a card game and after playing the first one, i won’t shell out for the second. then footage from metal gear solid 4 for the PS3 was shown. it’s so realistic it’s sick, and that footage is not a pre-rendered cut scene. that’s in game. of course like all MGS the cut scenes are interminably long and i probably wouldn’t play it for just that reason. but it does look HOT.

the other crazy console news today was the controller for the nintendo revolution, which is pretty fuckin revolutionary. the main controller can be held like a flight stick (it even has a trigger) or turned sideways to play games that require a classic style controller. when you need an analog stick (or other alternative controllers like conga drums) they plug into an accessory port on the main controller and you can use one in each hand. it’s very weird, but very cool. but nintendo says they’ll make a gamecube style controller in case it’s too revolutionary for you. i look forward to all sorts of new games this controller will enable.

p.s. can you tell i


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