the fire in my loins



can we just talk about prison break for a minute? as if i didn’t already have a thing for bad boys with shaved heads, fox had to go make a tv show with dominic purcell, who i already was in love with from “john doe” and make him the star of the show along with a (fake) tattoo covered pretty boy wentworth miller. dominic is fuckin buff and has this big thick neck that… well lets just say i don’t care if a guy has huge biceps, if he’s in shape and has a muscular neck that just gets me goin. doms is probably my physical ideal. now if only he batted for my team. maybe he does, i’ve never checked.

p.s. oh yah, the show is actually pretty intense too. not as good as oz because it’s got a sort of alias esque goofy plot, but still dramatic.


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