is this fooling anyone?


the commercials for roll bounce are part of a pitiful new trend in movie advertising. some movies are so bad not even the critics from st.louis can be fooled into giving them a tepid review that advertisers can then chop up with ellipses and turn into glowing approbation. so they’re forced to get celebrity spokesmodels to coerce crowds of weak minded kids and overweight soccer moms to say the name of the movie in a loud joyful tone and add something nice (but stupid) about it. march of the penguins pulled the same stunt, as have a bunch of spring and summer flops.

people, if you don’t know this already, these commercials are a sure sign of the crappiest ass movies you’ve ever seen. advertising like this is cheap and requires no effort. getting people into bad movies with no star power takes creativity, there have been plenty of examples. but bow wow or some non-digital penguins just can’t make a crappy movie good, and these advertisers can think of nothing better than convincing a bunch of shlubs to tell you it’s good anyway. so weak.


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