more reasons to like sf


in addition to SF being the paris of the US, i realized i also like SF because people here tend to be healthy. i mean the fact that there’s hills everywhere and no parking mean everyone winds up walking places, and it’s a brisk sort of thing. not the flat saunter of the south or the all out power walk of manhattan. it’s more of an aerobic / resistance combo walk. and people work out. and eat healthy. and it’s not something any of us really think about as special. it’s just something we all want or expect to do. it’s why we can’t believe that people would go on atkins diets. anyhow, there is an perfect passage about this in generation kill. which i’m now recommending to you for the second time. Rudy Reyes this totally buff super ninja marine who kicks ass and waxes his ass says:

“Someday, I think Sheree and I will live in San Francisco.” he says, referring to his wife of five years.
“What’s so great about San Francisco?” Manimal asks.
“There’s no fat people there.” Reyes answers. “And Chinese martial arts are very much a part of the culture there.”
“Why would you give a fuck if there are fat people where you live?” Manimal laughs. “People are people.”
“I want to live in a place where people care about themselves.”


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