stuck in the middle with you


i am always on the lookout for doing something better with my personal blog. i don’t really have the technical know-how to run my own blog software and i don’t have a server to do it from (mostly because i can’t be bothered to learn to manage one of those either), so i’m kinda stuck with hosted blog services.

today i went to the blog tools “dance off” – typepad vs blogger vs (not the .org software). it was interesting. right now i pay for typepad. i have since the day it was offered. i pay about 100 bux a year to bring all 12 of you this blog. blogger is free, as is wordpress (for now but that could change). at the battle, each showed the simplicity of their tools and demoed a few of their neater features. i thought i’d see for myself if either were better than typepad, so i signed up for accounts on both today. i figgered if either worked, i’d be able to save myself $75 per year (i’d wind up paying 25 of that for a flickr pro account so i could still do no one stencil. is interesting. it offers powerful tools, but it does not offer fully customizable templates, so i can’t really make the blog look *exactly* like i want it to. it’s kinda funny to me, because i rarely visit blogs anymore since i just read the rss feeds for everyone, still tweaking how a blog looks is critically important to me as an (ex) designer. other than that it looks like wordpress kicks some booty. well that and it’s not too easy to moblog. which sux for me, but considering if i was on wordpress, i’d be sending all of my pix to flickr, it wouldn’t really matter, i guess.

none of you will remember, but this blog actually began on blogger, back when blogging first began. i moved it to typepad because typepad offered superior tools. blogger is still totally customizable, but only by hand editing the CSS file. it still offers no tools to easily change the templates around. but hand editing also allows for total customization of pretty much everything – more than typepad offers even – and since it’s just one file, i could probably hunker down and do it. but here’s the problem with blogger – it can’t import posts. seriously. all 650+ entries, my entire history, could not come with me. that’s such a bummer. i couldn’t live with that. i want that to remain online.

So here’s a question for my 12 loyal readers: what if i moved no one stencil (and california sun) to another site: one where (for now) you wouldn’t see the most recent picture in the top of the right column? would you care? do any of you actually visit the two galleries?


One Response to “stuck in the middle with you”

  1. 1 johnny

    It’s all about the content.

    I’ve seen blogs that have blown my creative director socks off, design-wise, but there was nothing there beyond that.

    Most of my favorite blogs are on the most generic Blogger templates.

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