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big editorial in the washington blade (the other classy gay weekly besides the voice) on how big name celebs refusing to discuss their sexuality is not helping anyone. for once instead of discussing stars who vehemently maintain they are straight even though everyone knows or thinks they know the stars are gay, kevin naff focuses […]

everyone talks about how evil rupert murdoch is because he owns fox news, and fox news is evil. they think murdoch wants everyone to be fallow conservatives. and they’re right. but he doesn’t want us to be sheepish conservatives for some sort of social reason, he wants us to be more conservative so we’ll support […]

i am officially old. i still think that people use abbreviations to type or say less. i was wrong. for the longest time, im and text kiddies abbreviated what the fuck as WTF. only now apparently wtf is no longer something you type to save time or effort anymore. you type it to mean what […]

the soda line


remember when i was bemoaning the fact that the previous linguistic research i linked did not study the division between those who say soda and those who say pop in the US. well apparently another researcher has done so. further and more appropriately mapping out the use of soda, pop, and the southern “coke”. and […]

konya hurricane


one step closer to bubblegum crisis or other anime/videogames vith futuristic strength enhancing powered armor suits

genius bar


it is talk about downloadable video day. after i wrote up om’s post earlier, i took mack out for a walk. it’s a beautiful day here. on our walk, i caught up on last week’s dailysonics. it’s one of the few podcasts out there i have found that are really living the dream. it’s well […]

apple vs…


two comparos just caught my eye. om discusses the windows media center vs frontrow buzz. obviously i wasn’t going to be the only who talked about it. om actually has a media center, so he points out a few things i couldn’t – like the experience of watching and recording tv on one is not […]