hell and back


i think chrssy hynde sang “i went back to ohio, but the city was gone.” uhhhh yup. like detroit. cleveland has become a donut. there’s nothing in the middle, and the outside is all fat and sugar coating. there is no solid plan to revitalize the center to make it a thriving, livable environment. all vestiges of that have now been destroyed by a poor economy and a growing percentage of working poor. the well to do take flight further and further out into the suburbs and now, the 3 surrounding counties have been annexed as suburbs where before everyone considered them the sticks. houses and cars are expensive out there, and downtown people can barely afford apartments or the bus.

i went to ohio with no laptop – i swore i wasn’t gonna work (and the most i did was forward on some mail). my hiptop was my only link to civilization as there was no broadband at my ma’s house, no laptop with civilized content and no coffee better than starbucks. at least there is good food, good, healthy food even. there are good parks too. and the leaves were changing and the brooks were babbling and walks through the park with no work to worry about helped me clear my mind. i had needed to do that for months.

i still couldn’t help but gawk at all the pasty east siders with their shirts tucked in. young west siders were generally trendier and healthier, from what i saw. needless to say my ma lives on the east side. thank goodness she hasn’t gotten fat. she still looks the same as last time i saw her, and i saw a picture we took 4 years ago that doesn’t look that different from one we took 4 days ago.

i’m sorry i’ve been a shitty blogger the past month. the birthday is on friday and one of my birthday resolutions is to find a way to be a better blogger outside of the blogging i do for work. i had a good run for a while there. but then i really closed up. i guess i just don’t wanna be like justin hall. even though it’s not like this blog is famous.


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