i’m not manic, my news is


serious ups and downs in the eric news this week, and especially today

    • up: i have a boss who totally appreciates me. as a token he bought me the espresso machine i had been lusting after.
    • up: he also challenges me to do more and better things, which keeps me loving my job
    • down: red hat friggin blew our site up today with some urgent but unstable update, so i can’t really do any work right now
    • up: my visit with my mom went better than expected
    • down: now that i’m back home, i’m still waking up on east coast time
    • up: because i was up at 6:30 this morning, one of my friends imed me and i’ll be on NPR marketplace this afternoon talking about ipods
    • up: i’ve realized i’m a hub – a connector of people – and i’m good at it. i’ve been in hub overdrive at all the web2 shit i’ve been attending.
    • down: i’ve also realized i’m a bad planner
    • down: poor planning and the busy lives of my friends have left me alone on my birthday. out of all my friends, only 1 is free to join me in my traditional birthday dinner

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