there must be a better answer


i like the idea of a computer – tv input combination thing to replace my tivo. of course that requires buying both a computer and an input box. this solution reviewed on mac merc looks great, but it would require a minimum $800 investment. that doesn’t seem to make much sense especially when i already have a computer i like and don’t need another. i’m thinking there must be better solutions. sony’s got a little deal that records to memory stick for psp playback, but i don’t think it has tivo-liike season pass coordination and scheduling. still coordination with my psp would be cool. the solution in mac merc is psp friendly.


2 Responses to “there must be a better answer”

  1. 1 MegaZone

    If you have a Series2 TiVo you can transfer programs to a PC with TiVoToGo, and from there to the PSP:

  2. 2 jesse

    I have a Mac mini that isn’t doing much. I could make it worth your while…

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