website design notes


there are a few elements that are totally obvious to me, that apparently are escaping corporate website designers. not that me whining here will do anything, but i have to get these things off my chest:

  1. if you have a page devoted to your company’s press releases or news, that page should have an RSS feed. not a single phone carrier or manufacturer offers an rss feed for their news page.
  2. if you build a site for a tv show, include an episode guide. and make it easy to find. the site for prison break is excellent in this regard. nip/tuck has a good episode guide, but it’s difficult to find. numb3rs doesn’t even have one.
  3. while you’re at it, why not build in community features? hbo does this for their shows and it’s highly successful.

that is all i can think of now. thank you and good day


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