apple copies microsoft?


apple announced their video initiative today. let’s just say i’m not such a raving apple fan boy that i’m gonna run right out and buy any of the things they announced. in fact, i’m rather disappointed.

with frontrow and the included remote, you can get at your photos, videos, music and whatnot from the luxury of your couch. guess what? that’s exactly what the windows media center pc lets you do. and windows has had it for over a year. plus the windows one lets you record tv, download movies and manage your friggin netflix list. this is so not amazing or revolutionary. if anything it’s a disappointment.

i don’t think the video ipod is a disappointment, it’s just not for me. if i’m going to watch movies, or even popular tv shows on the go. i want to do it on a high-resolution widescreen. all the movies or hd tv programs are 16×9, why is apple trying to give me old school 4×3? i’m sticking with watching on my huge, happy psp. it may be a pain in the ass to have to transcode video for psp, but at least the experience of watching is a pleasurable one. plus the videos just cost me time. i don’t have to pay two bux to download everything and i can play games on it too. which is kinda how i’d like things divided up. ipod = walking = music. psp = sitting = videos + games.

i guess i should also say that microsoft users have had video ipod style devices (portable media centers) for a year now? of course theirs are big and ugly and have complicated interfaces.

one or two kudos for the day’s announcements: the addition of gifting, recommendations and user reviews to the iTunes Music store is great, even if it’s all just stolen (or maybe licensed?) from amazon. also the new iMac is HAWT. and finally. apple pulled through and already put a tutorial online on how to get your own videos onto the video iPod. judging by the encoding and formats, it seems as though you could just use pspware or something since it’s the same qvga mp4 video aac audio format as the PSP uses for 4×3 videos


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