is there such a thing as too much freedom


student designs an anti-bush poster for a class assignment on the bill of rights. student takes pictures for the poster to walmart for development. walmart employee calls cops. cops call secret service. secret service march into school and confiscate said poster. HELLO? this was a poster demonstrate free speech, protected by the bill of rights? and what did the assignment really show the class? that the freedoms given to them by the bill of rights are not universal. they are situational.

however in a case that swings too the opposite direction. about two dozen neo nazis were going to hold a march in toledo ohio today to “take back the town from all the black gangs.” said non-whites (whether gang members or not) rightfully got angry and started accosting the neo-nazis. of course the police were protecting the neo-nazis’ protest, so they were accosted too, leading to a full scale police vs angry mob riot. the question is, aclu be damned, should the right of a hate group to march in the midst of those they hate be so well protected? it seems if they’re asking for a fight, give them one. let them come face to face with those they hate / fear. this is not a “let them kill each other / do the dirty work for us” sort of thing. it’s simply forcing the neo-nazis or whomever to back up their talk. they think they’re better then blacks? fine, let’s see if you still believe that after a mob of them, angry at you for marching into their neighborhood and telling that to them, has left you bloody on the sidewalk or in the street.


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