generation kill followup


i’m still not done with the book, but people are already coming here based on searches for names of soldiers in the book, so i took about 10 minutes looking through some search results and found the following interesting things.

evan wright, “fruity” rudy reyes and michael saucier were on a cspan panel together. there’s a pic of the three of them on the site. fruity rudy totally looks like a white kung fu guy. he even has the cobra kai hair.

lt. fick wrote a book of his own, and will be doing the book tour thing this fall.

first recon has a website for current and ex members. it looks like it was designed in 1993, but it’s kept up to date.


5 Responses to “generation kill followup”

  1. 2 Atjcvfpe

    I’d like to send this to katya nymphet studios =-]

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  3. 4 Ebyvhuel

    A few months Kds Models

  4. 5 Hzahpayc

    I support Manchester United nymphet naked magazine fuck! this chick is fuckin HOT! I’d FUCKING FUCK THE FUCK outta her!

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