bad design = bad business


remember how a few weeks back i pondered how GM was staying afloat when all their cars are hideous and trucks aren’t practical in this age of ever-rising gas prices? well apparently they aren’t. the car maker just reported a $1.6 billion – with a B – loss for the third quarter. yes, in 3 months the company bled over a billion and a half dollars.

even if GM hired a good lead designer now, it would be two years before his (her?) first project came to market. no company can afford to lose $12 billion waiting for their business to turn around.

i wonder if GM would just cut the whole chevy, buick and pontiac lines, or at least the chevy and buick lines. that’s really what’s bringing them down. those are two hideous, non-selling brands. GM could trim off the fat as it were and regroup with saturn, cadillac, gmc and maybe pontiac (though i think these days we could do without pontiac too).


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