yes, apple comes out with more goodness. and more badness. i looked at aperture on apple’s site only to fall in love with the software and then find out that my 12″ powerbook isn’t buff enough to run it. OUCH! but aperture has alot of things i’ve been begging for in a photo program. it’s basically adds the best of iphoto + iview media pro + final cut pro into one photo application.

  1. it has final cut pro style image color controls
  2. it allows me to compare similar shots to pick the best one
  3. it imports and moves quickly
  4. it has basic image editing and correction filters
  5. it allows us to easily tag and organize photos

and most of all, it shows apple spent alot of time examining how photo and design professionals work and built an application based on our work flow and analog tools. they built the system around us instead of forcing us to adapt to them. don norman is smiling.

but other than the fact that it won’t run on my machine, it still falls short of all the features i need to ditch photoshop completely:

since it is focused on photographers, it lacks the image export optimization that web professionals need. there are no export controls for image file size / quality, just screen size.

there are photo adjustment tools, but no photo editing tools. to produce images for websites, we often have to cut images out and add simple effects like drop shadows or glows. there are no tools to do this. instead aperture will open the image in photoshop. the only problem is i want to get rid of photoshop. having both aperture and photoshop open on any but the buffest machine would no doubt slow it to a crawl. and i’ve started to hate photoshop anyway.

now honestly i understand that aperture should not be all things to all people, so i’m not asking apple to pile in more features. then it would just be photoshop – which i hate. i do not think it would be absurd to add a better image export for web optimization. if aperture supports plugins maybe someone could write one. but i realize that aperture should not turn into an artistic editing app. but i don’t want to use photoshop anymore for this, especially when you consider how crappy its interface is compared to aperture. so will apple develop a separate photo editor or will someone else take it upon themselves?


One Response to “aperture”

  1. I’ve managed to get Aperture running on 12″ Powerbook. So far it has imported the iPhoto Library and I haven’t done much else with it. I’ve written up the procedure for getting Aperture running:

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