technorati bug or someone with no life


in the past 12 hours my blog has easily been hit 75 times or more by someone / someones / something searching technorati for leading by bad example. now i’d be flattered, but instead i’m stumped. see there’s only 3 results for that exact phrase. so if it’s one person, they’ve actually searched for the same 3 results 75 times and landed on my site everytime. hello? bookmark. if it’s not one person, why is that phrase so popular all of a sudden, and why hasn’t anyone used it in over a month?

thanks to a comment, i see you all are looking for Friedman article from the NYT, i found it posted here. it’s an interesting read. basically the iraqis who came here to observe our government and legal system were shocked at how hypocritical the US is – telling iraq to create a secular government while trying to inject christianity into our own.


2 Responses to “technorati bug or someone with no life”

  1. 1 peter hirshberg

    Tom Friedman wrote an article in the NYTimes with that headline this morning. Technorati visitors (read: people who don’t pay for the times select service, required to view friedman) were pinging technorati waiting for someone to post the article. You were the beneficiary of these readers as they were loitering around wating for free content!

  2. 2 LP

    haha. That’s funny, I came here to see how someone got to my site from here.


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