wacko of the month


i know, i know, it’s been ages since i’ve posted a wacko for you to laugh it. but this dude was worth waiting for. finally, i have a wacko for you who’s not a religious fanatic, or even a political figure. he’s just a lawyer (barely) with a grudge.

jack thompson is a lawyer from florida who, for the last 6 years, has been trying to sue video game makers (as well as movie studios) for corrupting our children and causing them to commit heinous acts of violence. the grand theft auto series is his favorite target, and he’s blamed the game for school shooting, cop killings and all sorts of other events. all of thompson’s legal attempts to show gameplay was the cause of the violence have failed, but that hasn’t stopped thompson from making a big stink in the press about how the video game industry was to blame, even if his claims are groundless.

so a few weeks ago thompson officially loses his shit. he writes his own modest proposal. it, sadly, has nothing to do with eating irish babies. he promises to donate 10 large to the charity this video game exec’s choice if someone will make an ultraviolent video game hyperbolizing an incident that occurred in LA. you play the father of a kid who was beaten to death by a kid with a baseball bat. you are convinced that the killer “trained” for this killing by beating people with a baseball bat in a video game. the game was created by the company whose exec thompson singled out as the charity donor. any upon hearing the verdict of his son’s case, the dad into an ultraviolent rampage and he goes around killing all the people responsible for making and publishing and selling the game, preferably by using a baseball bat.

of course gamers being the pranksters they are, and hoping to see thompson flush 10 grand down the drain, create a mod to GTA that plays out pretty much as thompson requested, only the game centers around thompson instead of the dad. they send the game to thompson and he balks claiming his offer was satire.

so what do the gamers do? well some very cool gamers who write a comic strip called penny arcade donate the 10 g’s thompson refuses to cough up to the non profit that puts the age ratings on games. thompson freaks out and calls the police on the penny arcade guys saying they’re harassing and defaming him. (by donating to a charity in his name, mind you.) of course the seattle police have nothing on the penny arcade guys, and thompson knows it and despite his threats he can’t do shit to them.

however they can do shit back. and now thanks to the penny arcade guys and others, thompson is under investigation by the florida bar. my guess is he’s not actually a lawyer for much longer and soon being a media blowhard will be his only gig, not just his last recourse after he loses case after case.

and so, for all his efforts, jack thompson is my latest beloved wacko. stay up to date on thompson at the wikipedia entry


One Response to “wacko of the month”

  1. 1 c-lo

    the great thing about him trying to sic the Seattle police on the Penny Arcade guys is that apparently he sent that fax to anybody and everybody EXCEPT the Seattle cops, to whom it was addressed.

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