the human touch


today while lyin about in the sun with mack, an ex swung by. he’s an ex from before the days of my blog, (yes that long ago), so no point in telling you who. anyhow he lives close and was on his way home so he swung by to invite me to a party tonight. (after the fights and subsequent drinking last night i’m not going to anybody’s party.)

anyhow, i digress. he swung by to invite me to this party and came and sat down with me and the dawg and kinda put his arms around me and it felt good. even though i’m not particularly attracted to the guy anymore, it was nice to have someone touch me in a manner that shows more attraction than friendship. i haven’t seen anyone, let alone been on a date, in so goddamn long i kinda forgot what it feels like. it feels really good. i should date. it’s not that i haven’t tried, just i tried and failed for a while, so i gave up. i tried and died, in effect.


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