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two comparos just caught my eye. om discusses the windows media center vs frontrow buzz. obviously i wasn’t going to be the only who talked about it. om actually has a media center, so he points out a few things i couldn’t – like the experience of watching and recording tv on one is not exactly user friendly, in fact om uses a tivo for tv and a media center for everything else. so when you really compare the two, they both shine in the same areas: music, photos and videos. and they each have a downloadable video library (which costs, of course) apple has tvs and music videos while windows has lots of movies, clips and shows from services like akimbo, mtv overdrive and more. his future? apple adds more downloadable content like windows and eventually gets every tv show and/or windows launches media center lite to all xp (or vista) users, which basically is frontrow. either way these setups really could bring about the end of network tv as we know it, and i’m starting to get excited.

then someone does exactly what i was thinking and takes on the ipod video vs the psp. the big deal for me? psp movie playback was about 7 hours, ipod video was 2. and the ipod doesn’t exactly have removable battery. this definitely is not an in-flight video option, which i can tell you the psp is. however since video is encoded at the full resolution of the ipod screen, it is sharper. although in the psp’s defense, i will say they tested mp4 not avc video, which is weird.


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