genius bar


it is talk about downloadable video day. after i wrote up om’s post earlier, i took mack out for a walk. it’s a beautiful day here. on our walk, i caught up on last week’s dailysonics. it’s one of the few podcasts out there i have found that are really living the dream. it’s well produced and covers a great deal more than technology.

anyhow in this segment from isaac dolom

Isaac talks about the new video iPod, and how it’s obviously not that great for watching video, and how it’s really part of a vast conspiracy to
deliver on-demand tv shows and movies to your computer via the iTunes Music Store. Damn you, Apple, for giving us what we want.

basically he says that there wasn’t an airport express + video or any fanfare about playing shows on tvs (or computer screens for that matter) because the only way to convince networks or show producers to put their content on itms was to make it non-threatening to their traditional distribution model, i.e. tv. so by focusing on playing the shows on a tiny ipod screen and not including a video connector in the package, apple basically was lulling the networks into a false sense of security about their distribution model. but that, eventually with enough momentum, apple can crack the network dyke and unleash the flood of on demand video content. and like om, isaac points out when this happens, front row will be right there, ready to play it on a big screen – computer, tv, or otherwise.


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