it’s not about politic, it’s about money


everyone talks about how evil rupert murdoch is because he owns fox news, and fox news is evil. they think murdoch wants everyone to be fallow conservatives. and they’re right. but he doesn’t want us to be sheepish conservatives for some sort of social reason, he wants us to be more conservative so we’ll support a government that will change corporate and broadcasting rules in order for him to make more money.

want proof that murduch doesn’t care about politics nearly as much as he cares about money? well, first, remember he also owns fox tv, which broadcasts the simpson, family guy and american dad. next, check out the expose another one of his networks did on the phelps clan. yes, murdoch owns sky network, and here they are exposing the arch-conservative phelps clan for the nut jobs they are because hyper conservative american idiots are what sells news as entertainment in other parts of the world. that said, sky did a better job exposing the westboro clan better than any american media outlet has done so far.


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