on not coming out


big editorial in the washington blade (the other classy gay weekly besides the voice) on how big name celebs refusing to discuss their sexuality is not helping anyone. for once instead of discussing stars who vehemently maintain they are straight even though everyone knows or thinks they know the stars are gay, kevin naff focuses on stars who refuse to discuss their sexuality. as he points out, no straight person denies being hetero. it’s not that he wants these people to come out so gays have role models. he wants these people to come out so that straights have role models – they’ll see people who they respect admitting they are gay. then being gay doesn’t seem like such a taboo or big deal. if big name stars came out, they could really help turn the tide against the current war being waged by the evangelical conservatives. i could keep babbling on about this for hours, but the editorial is much more succinct and well written. go take a few minutes to check it out.


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