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ever since michael powell left the FCC, i’ve pretty much disagreed with every decision they’ve made. now it appears i may actually have to rethink my disdain for the current commission. (yes, i actually follow the fcc pretty closely, it’s my job.) the fcc is set to recommend cable companies offer a la cart pricing […]

i found some amazingly perfect designs to etch on the lid of my powerbook. there exists a book of absolutely perfect japanese tattoo flash by a famous artist called horicho. it is an old book, with beautiful, intricate, black and white drawings. the book is very rare, and modern prints are running about $200. but […]

so tonight the rains began. they began in earnest. although it was only drizzling this afternoon, it was totally pouring this evening by the time craig and i were going to head off to footfighting. only we didn’t realize just how hard it was raining. we both underdressed for the torrential storm outside. i put […]

i had the tv on while whittling down my RSS inbox this morning and what do i hear andrew dan-jumbo say? “the absence of red alters completely the feel of the space.” apparently i’m not the only one with backwards sentence construction.

tattoo me


i still haven’t come up with the definitive idea for the powerbook lid. so far kozyndan’s bunny hokusai is winning. but i’ve been thinking about the same tattoo for me for more than a year now, which means it might be time to get it. yes, i still would like colin to do an awesome […]

both killer instinct and csi:miami just ran episodes where the crimes were committed by young adults obsessed with GTA / the g3taway / 50cent style video games. jack thomson may be losing in courts, but looks like he’s winning with media hysteria.

but between his buff new j esque bod and the iced out mouth pieces in his “grill” video that puts a little extra meat behind his lips, i think nelly is lookin pretty hot. stop, don’t hit me, or hate me. i can’t help myself.