ketchup all over like a car crash


a friggin week? can you believe it? the service that hosts this blog has been draggin lately and i haven’t had the will to fight it just to post up some baloney. the moral of the story?

ted and barbara are here. there’s been much fun and a little too much drinking between their trip and halloween. i’m thinking about giving up drinking again. it’s been 5 years since i started drinking. before that it was 10 years on the straight and narrow. since then i’ve had a few stupid nights, but not too many thankfully. and tho the sweet taste of good sake and good bourbon are delicious, i just don’t need to drink like i do just to hang out with my pals. plus i’m usually depressed enough without alcohol. i can’t imagine consuming more is actually helping anything.

i officially own too much stuff. i’ve slowly been getting rid of things, trading them for others or whatnot, but the sheer volume of crap crowding my room and closet is getting me down. i think i need to burn all the paper and give the rest away, or sell it, save for what i have to keep for work and the few objects that actually give me pleasure.

i saw jarhead last night. it is an excellent and faithful representation of the book. i got choked up a few times. i laughed a few times. i was one of 3 people in a sold out theatre to get the claymore joke before swofford delivered the line explaining the claymore joke. between that and generation kill, i’m really thinkin i need a much more spartan lifestyle, which is definitely contributes to my stuff-related angst.

reading all this marine-related stuff and doing the things i do also fills me with regret that i didn’t lead a different life. i’ve led a good and mostly interesting life; and i’m sure the life i’ve led has led me to where i am today, there’s no doubt about that. i don’t want to go back and relive any glory days. i want to go back and start over again. make better decisions earlier on.

i got new headlight for my motorcycle, dwight knew just the right one. i love the look of it, now i need to pick out some turn signals to go with it. i’ll post pix later today and maybe someone out there will have a good suggestion for complementary winkers.

i’m officially over tv. i’m so far behind on every show and i don’t even care anymore. i’m so far behind that my tivo is deleting the old episodes i haven’t watched yet to make space for new stuff, which makes me even further behind. but i love not having the tv on. i’m actually thinking of selling them both.

i got the sidekick software update on thursday. it’s amazing. if the next sidekick just has this software version and a better camera, that will be my dream device. as it stands now the sucky camera and lack of a decent alarm clock are the current sidekick’s only two weaknesses as far as i’m concerned.

speaking of cameras, i’m thinking of getting a small one for personal use. again. for like the 8th time. this time it’s the possibility of interacting with aperture that’s tempting me. currently the panasonic fx9 or the new sony t9 are my leaders. any suggestions?

crappy camera or no, i’ve been catching som great stencils and sunsets, and finally uploading them here again. check the galleries over on the right.

and lastly, why do we cling to unrequited infatuation?


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