fashion tips from bladerunner


puma bike

today the rains have begun in earnest. there will still be sunny days, i’m sure, but there will be months of riding to kickboxing and elsewhere in the misty and sometimes torrential wet. just in time,josh stumbled across the next in a series of urban warfare high tech jackets from puma and vexed. the cycling jacket is waterproof, has rain flaps that buckle under to keep your butt dry and a face mask with replaceable filters. it’s all black but has all kinds of reflecto strips and stuff. is it me or did i see this jacket in blade runner. i’m pretty sure someone down on the streets of chinatown was wearing it. i’m pretty in love with it, and best of all, huf is one of two stores that will be selling it. and there’s a huf just 5 blocks away. yah!


One Response to “fashion tips from bladerunner”

  1. 1 Mark

    When I saw the pic I wasn’t thinking of bicycling, I was thinking of sex. Guess that tells you where MY mind is 🙂

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