if it’s not on bleep


dear music labels. i know you think i am an evil thief. sometimes i download your bands’ music. i don’t do this indiscriminately. i do this with razor sharp intent. i do this when you only make your bands’ music available for download in some proprietary locked format, itunes music store included.

see the more devices i get that play music other than my ipod, the more i realize how critical it to keep my music collection accessible to all devices. but your fractured DRM schemes do not allow that, and they allow you (yes, i’m talking to YOU apple) to go back and change the rules on music i’ve already bought under the belief i’m allowed to use it in certain ways. so even though AAC or ALAC or FLAC files may sound better and take up less space, i still want mp3 files because i know you can’t fuck with them and i know they’ll play anywhere.

to make matters worse, some of you are even putting evil anti-rip schemes on your cds so that i can’t even buy a damn cd and use it as i expect. so it’s not like i would give you even more money for a cd compared to buying the tracks online, when i don’t care about the physical aspect of it and it still doesn’t allow me unfettered access to the music for all the gizmos i own.

does that mean i steal all my music? no. i like the artists i listen to and i genuinely want them to make money. i go to their shows. i buy cool merch if i really think it’s cool enough and i like the band enough, and i will buy their tracks online if they’re on bleep. yes, that’s right music label business men. i have proven i’m willing to pay more for a digital track or album if you don’t treat me like a thief and allow me to play my music wherever and however i damn well please. see by treating me like a thief, you get nothing. by treating me like a human with a sense of social responsibility, you’d actually get more. way more.

so please, please, put your music on bleep. let me buy it. don’t make me steal it.


One Response to “if it’s not on bleep”

  1. 1 natalie

    go eric! i totally concur. i love this site you mentioned – bleep. thanks for posting it.

    – nat

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