unsolicited product endorsement


let me just say that for as much as i love electronic gadgets, i don’t like many electric ones – especially ones with a single function i could easily duplicate by hand. for instance while i think rice cookers are a gift from the gods, i hate electric can openers. and while i love the electric clippers that keep my head freshly shaved, i much prefer acoustic razors to shave my face (though i have an electric in case i’m in a rush). i like the term acoustic razor. johnny coined it when we were both shedding our preference for electric ones and had no way to refer specifically to a traditional non-electric one.

anyhow of all the electric gadgets available, i think the electric toothbrush is almost as vile as the electric can opener, i mean how lazy can you be that you can’t brush your own teeth? it doesn’t require much strength or effort. but i admit i was fascinated by the oral B pulsar, because it appeared that instead of brushing my teeth for me, that it actually was designed to improve your own brushing. so i needed a new tooth brush a few weeks ago and broke down and bought one. i mean it was only like 50 cents more than the brush i normally buy. worth a go, right? my teeth have never felt cleaner.

the pulsar is still the same size of a modern tooth brush despite its tiny electrics. it has separate on and off switches marked + and – even though they really are more like 1 and 0. that made me mad at first because to me + and – indicate they should control some varying degree of something, but i realize most americans probably don’t recognize 1 and 0 as on/off and so this solve the problem graphically. the whole tooth brush, including where the oddly named switches fall, fits perfectly in the hand.

with the pulsar you still have to do the brushing, but the pulsar vibrates the brush head like crazy and waves around these little rubber things that floss between your teeth while you do the heavy lifting. it honestly feels like a mouth massage while it’s happening and your teeth feel so frickin clean afterwards. i gotta say, despite the fact that it’s electric, and it’s totally not recyclable, i love the pulsar. you should try one. and maybe if enough people buy them, oral B will be more environmentally responsible about how they make them. we can only hope.


One Response to “unsolicited product endorsement”

  1. 1 Steve

    Assuming we’re talking about the Pulsar, and we’ll forget for a moment how silly it feels to surf oralb dot com, then you neglected to mention the crazy split-head design! The damn thing looks like a Stan Winston creature.

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