tattoo me


i still haven’t come up with the definitive idea for the powerbook lid. so far kozyndan’s bunny hokusai is winning. but i’ve been thinking about the same tattoo for me for more than a year now, which means it might be time to get it. yes, i still would like colin to do an awesome piece that improved or covered up the dragon on my left shin. but that’s more dough and more time than i can afford right now. besides that’s been more of a dream than an obsession.

the one (or two, actually) that’s been an obsession is words. i usually have japanese characters tattooed on me to remind me of qualities i’d like to exemplify. in fact there are words in all my tatts (oh the life of a writer.) i have valor on my leg and integrity on my shoulder.

the newest set of words i’d like are less poetic. at first i thought i’d like a set of knuckle tattoos. i think they’re hot and a bit punk rock / gangster and totally appeal to me on a number of levels. after dedicating 4 years of fitness to kickboxing, i thought it would be cool to get some words reflective of that. my training usually has a great deal to do with the tattoos i choose. so i thought it would be cool to get hard tattooed on my right knuckles and fast on my left. those are the respective traits of my right and left side.

lately, however, (like for the 6-10 months) i’ve been thinking about getting the words running down the back side of my forearms. the way that if you were holding your arms up to guard they’d run down your forearms facing away from you. i think that’s cool. and they could be covered by shirt sleeves if i needed to look professional (yah, right). with a little more surface area, i was thinking of making the words a little more poetic. i was thinking of swift for the left and strong for the right. unfortunately it’s not as universally true as hard and fast. while my right side does it harder, it is actually weaker in terms of pure strength abilities. i guess i could still get hard and fast. or i could actually flip the words and get strong on the left and swift on the right. ugh. i just realized swift has an “i” in it. not good for vertical words. maybe i should stick to hard and fast.

knuckles or forearms? i’ll take recommendations


One Response to “tattoo me”

  1. 1 Johnny

    While “hard” is a good quality for a man to embody, sometimes “fast” can be a mixed blessing…

    –Johnny, who has had a lot on his mind lately, OK?

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