unsolicited product endorsement


so tonight the rains began. they began in earnest. although it was only drizzling this afternoon, it was totally pouring this evening by the time craig and i were going to head off to footfighting. only we didn’t realize just how hard it was raining. we both underdressed for the torrential storm outside. i put on some plastic pants that i knew weren’t waterproof, but that would be more bearable wet than a pair of jeans. i also put on my mountain hardware alchemy jacket – again thinking it wasn’t raining that hard and it would be more than enough to keep me dry.

riding to the gym, we could feel ourselves getting wetter and wetter, but it was hard to tell how wet we were and exactly where the water had soaked through. all i knew was my legs were soaked and freezing. once we got inside and started taking our wet stuff off, i realized my shirts were totally dry. wait, the inside of my jacket was even dry. even though the alchemy is in no way a waterproof jacket, it kept the hard rains during a 15 minute bike ride. even better, it was totally dry everywhere within an hour. it was perfect. now if only they made a pair of pants out of the same material.


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