random tidbits


the good stuff:

  • this is my first post from my spankin new 15″ powerbook. it’s fast and the screen is amazing. w00t!
  • pesto is the ultimate condiment.
  • my motorcycle may look a little unrefined right now and it may ride a little high, but i love all the improvements.
  • i get to go play with johnny up in seattle next week
  • shaving my head again has generated alot more interest from the males. exactly as i had hoped. next time i think i’ll grow my hair out for some stupid reason, please remind me how that backfires every time.

the not so good stuff:

  • despite the fact i thought it would fit, the 15″ powerbook does NOT fit in my booq boa XS. the backpack that has served me so well at trade shows. i need to find a new one before CES. too bad, because that bag was the perfect size and shape and had the perfect pocket setup. i’m sad. the next size up of the booq boa (the XM) is at least twice as large – too big, i think.
  • some fool at nokia renegged on an offer to send me cool phones to play with because apparently i’m not underground enough since i review phones for a living. i’m on “a different media list.” i was thinking they didn’t want someone who knows what he’s doing to actually showoff those phones. but they sent the phones to perfectly capable people, just none in the phone business. i probably wouldn’t have minded if they didn’t tell me the first phone was on the way to 2 days before they told me i wasn’t in their club.
  • another phone company that is trying to launch before xmas also seems to be totally screwed up. i was supposed to get a cool new phone from them a week ago after they put me through a disastrously long ordering process. still, no word. what is it with these guys?
  • and the hunt for the perfect powerbook artwork has been hellish, but i think i might have found a person who will help me get the horicho artwork. crossing my fingers.

One Response to “random tidbits”

  1. 1 Mark

    Congrats on the new PB!

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