the hot homo topic


well everyone’s weighing in on brokeback mountain. i still haven’t seen it yet, so i’m not going to judge the actual movie here. i’m still hoping it’s a good flick. however carlo and i were talking about it and even though carlo’s straight, he was much more hopeful about what it signals than i. carlo thinks the movie might prove to big studios that gay themed movies can be blockbuster hits and might open the door for all those little indy-produced gay flicks. i tend to think that philadelphia is the only gay movie americans will ever accept and only it hit at the peak of tom hank’s career as well as at the peak of the aids crisis.

instead i tend to get kinda pissed off about brokeback like joe here. in all the interviews and shit, both jake and heath have been extra explicit about proclaiming their heterosexuality, and jake even said he thought his character was straight but just couldn’t help himself around heath because they were so lonely. what sort of message are they sending about being gay? at least ang lee hasn’t said anything so stupid yet.

it seems to me america can only think of a gay movie as a good if the actors aren’t actually gay and only if there’s a chance the characters aren’t totally gay. (the guys in brokeback could be bi.) the only totally gay character i can think of in forever was the rock in “be cool.” he’s so comfortable with it, he always makes jokes about being gay or playing a gay character again. and if he wasn’t a wrestling star who could pop most americans like a grape, they’d probably make a stink about him too. it’s a shame that a gay actor (ahem, vin; let’s face it tom is a lost cause.) couldn’t be so bold. it’s a shame americans can’t just have a fucking gay movie and accept it for being a gay instead of worrying about the dudes being gay and if watching it has just made them gay. argh.

update: i realize i was a little crazy when i wrote this post. i’m still crazy but i’d like to clarify things because i don’t want people to get the wrong idea. so i’m gonna try this again with some logical short sentence like machine gun fire to cut down the naysayers.

i like the idea behind brokeback mountain. i think any mainstream movie that doesn’t depict gays as freaks of nature or evil or stereotypes should be lauded. i especially like the fact that it is being released national in real theatres with real actors. i don’t have a problem with straight actors playing gay characters. what i do have a problem with is straight actors playing gay who then go and defend their heterosexuality afterward as if them playing gay puts it in question. i am glad the rock has not done this. i DO wish more gay actors, especially young studly ones would (a) come out and (b) play gay roles that actually represent gays and not just gay stereotypes.

although, weirdly, i lament the fact that all the japanese women in memoirs of a geisha are played by chinese actresses. i wish there were talented hollywood actresses of japanese descent who could have been cast in the japanese roles the way i wish there were more young, out, gay actors in hollywood who might have been cast in brokeback mountain.


3 Responses to “the hot homo topic”

  1. 1 Jay Croce

    It wasn’t that long ago that white actors in black-face were portraying black people on stage, and in movies, because black people couldn’t get hired for acting jobs.

    What changed? First, the acting community saw the injustice, and began to lobby their own industry for change. Then, a few brave producers insisted on using black actors, even if a few local distributors and theatre owners objected. Finally, the audiences demanded to see shows that were banned because they featured black actors.

    It’s true, the first black actors were limied to the roles of stooges, dancers and musicans, but they finally got parts. The first Gay roles in Hollywood were pretty much the same. Until very recently, all Gays were presented as drag queens, drunks, and oversexed fools.

    The evolution of the Gay actor is happening much the same way. No one doubts that there are plenty of Gay actors, but the number of Gay actors who want to be openly Gay is about the same as the number of Gay policemen who want to be openly Gay. Society has to change a little more before we can see those changes reflected in Hollywood.

    In the meantime, I’m greatful to those brave actors who accept and play Gay roles, whether or not they are Gay themselves. It’s not a perfect world, but then, in a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter if a Gay actor played Straight, or a Straight actor played Gay.

    After all, it’s not really acting if you are only being yourself.

  2. 2 Onelialon

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  3. 3 Preazynelay

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