it is upside down day


in which the world officially goes topsy turvy and anyone with a brain loses the last shred of hope despite the good news

the president takes the blame for the “faulty” intelligence the led him into invading iraq. as craig so accurately pointed out when we were discussing it, the overwhelming majority of the intelligence on iraq was accurate. the small bit of intelligence the president chose to base the invasion on was faulty. of course we’ll never see the president admit there was good intelligence and it outweighed the faulty info.

after a totally awesome investigation from NBC, the DoD admits it has been keeping tabs on completely non-threatening americans like quakers and peaceful protesters. the government has now promised to clean the names of innocent out of their records, but it’s tough to believe they’ll actually do it. still, they did actually admit it.

recently ford caved to pressure from the american family association and agreed to pull their advertising for all brands, especially rover and jag, but not volvo from gay publications. after they caved there was a big row in the gay community. today ford met with all the major gay media to “explain” but instead announced they were reversing their decision and advertising in gay rags again. ford says the original plan to cut ads from the gay rags was a decision made by the high end marks. i doubt it. i mean, we rarely have kids, we have good jobs and christian conservatives are having huge families. now who do you think has more disposable income to buy a jaguar or rover? yah, exactly.

and fuck, the coup de grace. mitch romney, the mass gov who currently spends his days campaigning against gay marriage that was legalized in his state, has announced he won’t seek reelection when his term ends next year. wait for it…. he’s stepping down in order to seek the republican nomination for president in 2008.


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