rampant consumerism


i am trying to get rid of stuff, remember? so no, i didn’t buy any of this. but here’s some things that have caught my eye recently.

when i was visiting johnny last week we went to lots of bookstores. therein, i saw a number of books about street art and thought “damn, i should be publishing one of those. but i could never do that with the crappy pictures i’ve been taking from my cameraphones. i swear the very next day two glowing reviews for the panasonic FZ5 crossed my rss feeds. it’s smaller than an SLR but still too big to fit in a pocket. i’d probably never carry it around with me, but that hasn’t stopped me from lusting over it.

alternatively, the panasonic FX9 and Sony T9 are both tiny and good and might be good candidates, but definitely not as publishing-friendly as the FZ5.

What i really want is a phone with a great QWERTY keyboard and a camera as good as the one in the Sony Ericsson K750/W800. Let’s see how good the camera is in the hiptop 3, eh?

last night jesse was watching ferris bueller’s day off and suggested we make t-shirts with the staff of hermes like cameron wore. while looking around for a good picture of it, i found out someone has already done just that. plus made tshirts from other great 80s movies like real genius, strange brew, the big lebowski and more.

official katamari damacy tshirts by the game’s designers and sold by one of my favorite mac software makers, panic. instead of just re-printing graphics from the game, they twisted them up into some seriously cool t-shirt appropriate images.

ultra hip modern artists have banded together through an SF gallery to sell their works as wallpaper for cellphones. turns out josh knows they aren’t the first, but they might be the best. check out their list of artists.


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