gore tex failure point


traditional gore-tex isn’t really waterproof, it’s just highly water resistant. if exposed to enough water in a short period of time, the hydrophobic layer can’t keep up and gore-tex actually starts letting water in. today is one of those days with intermittent torrents. an hour ago it was so dark it looked like twilight, the rain was coming down sound hard it sounded like heavy machinery, and there was thunder and lightning ripping through the sky at steady intervals.

i left to walk mac while there was a break in the downpour, but i was smart enough to put my gore tex jacket on (but not smart enough to don my gore tex bibs). after only a few short minutes, the deluge began again and maverick still needed a chance to take care of business. the thunder wasn’t helping things – mack was too scared and confused to remember to take a shit. by the time we could actually get home, we were well beyond the failure point of gore-tex and my jacket seemed more like a flimsy soft shell than a heart piece of technical outdoor equipment.


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