i really really want to finish moving my blog over here, but the forces of wordpress are conspiring against me. features that they’ve been promising us for months still aren’t online, and features that are online seem broken for no reason. i still can’t import the 750+ posts from my typepad blog, so i’m keeping that online. plus i can’t seem to get the blogroll importer to work with my opml. worse, it’s a free service, so i’m not exactly getting any help with my problems. i do expect these things to come online, and to use this blog, but i admit i’ve been having second thoughts about switching the past few days. oh how i’d hate to eat my words, but i just might if something doesn’t happen soon.

no matter what i AM switching my stencils and other photos to flickr. i have to move every photo from typepad to iphoto by hand, and then upload all of them to flickr (once i upgrade to a pro account), so it’s taking longer than planned. damn six apart for not letting me take my own photos back as easily as they let me take my blog posts.

i’m disappointed with the burnside backpack order from dana as well. sure it’s a totally bomb-proof pack, just like you’d expect from dana, but it lacks the one feature – the one friggin feature – i demand in a computer backpack. it doesn’t have a separate compartment for my laptop. instead it just has an elastic pocket inside the main compartment which i’d have to slip my laptop inside a padded case into. that’s just not usable for travel and trade shows. none of the other bags i was looking at offer that either. plus it’s just way too long of a bag for my short frame. the only bag i can find that’s significantly shorter and has a separate laptop compartment is the DC x incase bag for apple. this year it comes in black instead of white. that’s fine. funny i was gonna buy one last year instead of the boa xs. i should have. it would have saved me from buying two other bags this year.


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