i’m not a doctor but i play one on tv


today it’s time to do a little digging into my dating history as we re-visit rugby guy. does anyone remember him? i think rugby guy and i played a little too heard to get with each other. because neither of us really forgot about the other, but i, at least, had decided he was a bit too flaky cuz he wouldn’t call me back too often. truth be told i was almost as bad to him.

anyhow, i get an email from rugby guy a few days ago. with the usual, what’s up… and then the punchline. “i’m moving to scotland to go to med school at the end of the month.”

what? you see rugby guy has been making his living as a regular in beach blanket babylon – this crazy fabulous theatre that’s well, a true san francisco experience. i just figured rugby guy was an anomalous smart, masculine theatre fag. i discuss this with nigel and we start dreaming up a school in scotland devoted to teaching actors how to play doctors. i wasn’t sure i could imagine rugby guy playing a doctor, but i figured every hospital themed tv show needs at least one black doctor, so it could be a lucrative career.

but rugby guy, he’s going to real med school. it turns out he has a science degree and had already met all his premed requirements. my mom would be so pissed if she found out i let a doctor slip through my fingers – even if he’s not jewish.

while discussing token black doctors on tv dramas, let me take a minute to give kudos to grey’s anatomy. in it there isn’t a token black doctor. out of the surgeons on the show, half are african american, as is the chief of surgery. the only token is the token asian woman. and her character is so americanized it doesn’t even feel condescending.


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